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>> stephanie: all right. everybody look alive. election week. look alive. you can tell it's elect week. sarah jessica parker is on the show tomorrow. >> that's right. how about them apples. >> look who's there. it is jacki schechner in the current news center. >> you guys think you can get some celebrities on the docket? what's going on on? >> stephanie: i'm a sparkle pony. omar said i admit i was wrong about the all about eve thing with jacki. remember the episode of the bionic woman where there she was kidnapped and replaced?
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jacki is sweet and friendly. does it make any sense? i rest my case. >>i don't remember that episode at all. >> stephanie: me neither. i have no idea what he's talking about. i can hear you with my bionic ear as long as i move my hair. there she is. jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. so this calls for an obscure annie reference. we're only a day away. tomorrow is election day. all of the candidates are in overdrive. 14 events in eight states for the president, vice president romney and ryan. the president's going to start his day in wisconsin. then he goes to ohio and iowa. his last stop is chicago. where he and the first lady will spend the night. bruce springsteen's going to join the president. jay-z joins them for the tour stop in ohio. mitt romney for his part is in florida, virginia, ohio and then new hampshire. he's going to stay there overnight. he's got an event first though
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with kid rock. the last of the polls are rolling in and 538's nate silver says the national polls and local polls are starting to align. they show a slight lead for the president. he's still got a considerable electoral college lead. if we take a look at the last pew poll released over the weekend, the final estimate of the national popular vote, 50% to 47% in favor of the president. the a. p. reporting about 30 million people in 34 states in washington, d.c. have already cast their votes either in person or by mail. nothing gets counted until tomorrow. many states are releasing information, however about party affiliation and while the president does have a lead in several key battleground states, it is not as large of a lead as it was four years ago. the g.o.p. is up in colorado. while the democrats now lead in florida, iowa, nevada and north carolina. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us.
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(vo) this tuesday, current tv presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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sensational relief. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: ah-ha. look alive everybody. election week. heads up. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. >> stephanie miller show is brought to you in part by the last open road. where is the last open road? what is the last open road? have you traveled the last open road? go to >> stephanie: all right. wow! you can tell it's election week. we have a big white house
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economist, somebody coming up in a few minutes. >> romney is his name. >> stephanie: you know what i did this weekend because i'm a geek? i looked deep near the job sector. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] everybody said they're bogus they're cooked up. watch, you watch they'll revise it. suddenly, next month. that's true. they did revise them, upwards. they're even better than we thought! [ applause ] okay. so we're going to talk about that. we have rude pundit who has some great stuff as usual. just -- >> uh-oh. >> stephanie: do i have -- he writes a great piece about will america elect somebody whose campaign -- will we put someone on the throne of lies? >> we sit on a thrown -- throne of lies. >> stephanie: i say no. can you run a campaign based on lies and get elected? >> the president ruined the economy he inherited from george bush. we cut all taxes for rich
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people. >> all of the morning shows are saying it is a really, really close race this morning. i'm like no. nate silver is saying -- >> stephanie: 84% -- >> further apart. in nate silver, i trust. >> stephanie: just so you know about nate silver and his big gay numbers. >> the rightiest right -- >> we should say we don't know that he's dwea. that he's gay. they hate his numbers. ergo he must be m. o. a big mo or short skinny mo. >> stephanie: eric boehlert says hear cries of it's tied. to understand why d.c. press has no interest in nate silver's math. okay. they need it to be a horse rice. -- horse race, in order to get ratings. >> stephanie: sure. jesse williams of grey's anatomy joins us.
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blythe danner hour number three. tomorrow, sarah jessica parker. >> huge, huge. >> oh, really? >> stephanie: all right. lots of great stuff going around the interwebs. hypocrisy. mitt romney says he'll balance the budget in eight to ten years but slams obama for not doing it in four. and he still won't tell you how he plans to do it. [ wah wah ] he's saving all of the good info for after we elect him. lee ann in orange county writes my children love your bumper music. my 6-year-old knows it is time for "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ wow ♪ ♪ i'm gonna feel good ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ say hi, stephanie miller. >> hi, stephanie miller. >> stephanie: hi hi, hi. i feel like -- >> she's probably 25 now.
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>> stephanie: i feel like the other little girl going around the internet that's crying when will the election be over? bronco obama. >> i love that. bronco obama. >> stephanie: lee ann says i've posted cookies and freedom on my facebook page. i hope to smell cookies and freedom tomorrow. me too! aisha tyler said the president smells like cookies and cream. >> speaking of that, the sexy liberal documentary was on current last night. i watched it for the first time. >> stephanie: how is it? >> it's quite lovely. >> stephanie: thank you. >> and i had no idea that jim and i were in the closing credits. we got special thanks, jim. >> stephanie: i didn't authorize that. i probably was drunk though. >> probably. >> stephanie: have i mentioned mitt romney has a campaign based entirely on lies including the
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latest chrysler ad that chrysler had to say he's full of [ bleep ] since when has a major car company had to say this guy is full of [ bleep ] just saying this guy will lie to you. ♪ >> oh, that '70s -- >> '60s. ♪ you see this guy ♪ ♪ this guy will lie to you ♪ ♪ yes i'm a liar ♪ ♪ who wants red states to not turn blue ♪ ♪ tell me now what you fear i'll tell you what you want to hear ♪ ♪ my plans ♪ ♪ are shaky ♪
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they can't spot a fakey ♪ ♪ i've talked some talk ♪ ♪ the fact checkers call false ♪ ♪ yes i'm a liar ♪ ♪ you must admit that i've got balls ♪ ♪ tell me why ♪ ♪ it's so close my campaign has been a big joke ♪ ♪ the race has tightened because races have all been frightened ♪ ♪ i need your vote ♪ >> stephanie: thank you rocky mountain mike. [ applause ]
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>> that was a production. '60s. original song called this guy's in love with you. >> stephanie: you're such a tot. >> i'm a 43-year-old tot. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> that just means you're old! >> stephanie: shut up! i always love borowitz. romney air drops $2 million in small bills over ohio. desperation time. the romney campaign hoping the currency -- billionaire sheldon adelson will help close the gap. mr. romney's campaign manager denied the dropping of several metric tons of money over ohio in desperation. this is all part of our closing argument which is vote for mitt romney and money will fall from the skies. [ applause ] >> stephanie: oh, my god. talk about two sets of facts. have you noticed last week, the increasing number of right wing callers that want to talk about
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benghazi. >> yeah. exactly. >> stephanie: i know when i hear rush limbaugh start to talk about it last week, fox news is about to come out with this report, ladies and gentlemen. complete [ bleep ] even when you heard it, you're like really? the president had a video feed and he watched two americans die and he refused any -- >> of course. as do you. >> stephanie: that seems like that would be plausible. >> to a moron who listens to rush limbaugh. >> up until then, their story was he was at an event in las vegas. did he have the video feed in his teleprompter? >> stephanie: that's what reagan did the aof day after the bombing of the in -- in beirut. so last-minute desperation. the c.i.a. and the pentagon -- first of all they're supposed to keep things secret that are happening over there. they've had to take this unprecedented step because it is completely false report on fox
6:15 am
news right before the election. it is just -- it is strange creditility even if you hate the president. they were told to stand down and not help the american -- really? >> watch them die. >> if i was the pentagon, i would pull fox news' press pass for spreading crap like this. >> stephanie: exactly. so we have a fancy economist on the white house counsel of economic -- council of economic advisers. why the job numbers are better than you think. why they were revised upward. 15 minutes after the hour. kids in the meantime, carbonite by the way just talked to sexy liberal tour director, roland. >> how is he by the way? >> stephanie: he is fine. it was not storm damage. the people upstairs left their bathtub on when the blackout happened so roland's -- my whole point of the story is carbonite. >> were they -- >> stephanie: he has every sexy liberal thing in his computer and it was raining in his apartment not because of the storm. >> the people above him were filling their bathtub as they
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tell you to do for a fresh water supply and they forgot to turn it off. >> stephanie: going to collapse water in the living room. he has carbonite. that's an important point. all i cared about is what about all of the sexy liberal stuff. carbonite, you connect it -- any time you're connected to the internet, it is automatically there. you connect it once. every time you're connected to the internet it works automatically and continually there in the background. unlimited back-up space for one computer. $59 for the entire year. it includes remote access to the backed up files from any computer tablet or smart phone. >> that's my favorite part. >> stephanie: when roland had to rough it at the luxury hotel i still needed information about sexy liberal. thank god he had carbonite. type in my offer code, stephanie for a free trial no credit card required plus two free bonus months. the offer code is stephanie.
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16 minutes after the hour. we rolle roll along, election week on "the stephanie miller show." >> that woman's about as supple as a rhinoceros horn. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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(vo) cenk uygur is many things.
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>>oh really? >>"if you ever raise taxes on >>the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true! [ music ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . ♪ open the door, get on the floor, everybody do ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ everybody do the dinosaur ♪ >> ac kalak kaboom. >> stephanie: senior economist at the white house council of economic advisers.
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that sounds fancy. good morning ronnie. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> stephanie: thanks for coming on. because i'm a geek, i was going through the jobs numbers over the weekend. [ laughter ] that's what i do. you know, it was interesting piece in the "l.a. times," job report arouses new optimism. if you delve into it, it is better than what we thought. remember when the right wing was screaming these were cooked. you wait and see they will be revised downward. what happened, ronnie? >> they were revised upward, stephanie. i'm a geek just like you. >> stephanie: thank you. >> i've been looking in the jobs numbers. 171,000 jobs. fantastic. last month october they actually revised numbers in september and going back so things are look better now than we even thought they were. the unemployment rate picked up only because more people entered the work force looking for work. it is a signal of optimism. things are going in the right direction. i expect them to continue after the election, president obama's re-elected. >> stephanie: here is the part that irks me.
6:22 am
whoever wins tuesday could enjoy increased economic momentum. god forbid, that's mitt romney. look what i did. just like he was for the auto bailout. >> you make a good point. one of the reasons it is so important is depending on who wins, they're going to claim a mandate for their ideas. if romney were to win and because of the policies we've put in place, they would claim vindication for supply-side economics and we know that's not the case. another reason if you needed one more to vote the ideas have been working. the economy is moving in the right direction. we can't let the wrong folks get the credit for where the economy is going. >> stephanie: i'm delving into the numbers. job numbers expanded across a broad range of industries. that's the other thing you look for. including the long-depressed construction sector. they make the point which sounds in bad timing but it says that part of the economy should get a further lift in the next couple of months from rebuild unfortunately from the
6:23 am
devastating storm. go ahead. >> sorry stephanie. two things. one is obviously our hearts and prayers are with the folks who suffered. after the disasters, it is often true there is a boom in construction as people are rebuilding. before when the report came out employment and construction edged up in specially trades by about 17,000 jobs. that's just a sign i think that we're moving into recovery in the housing market as well. you've seen some positive signs in the housing area. that's been one of the lagging indicators we've been waiting for. that's good news on the construction front as well. >> stephanie: speaking, i was mentioning the auto rescue, the other unfortunate but they're saying there is also going to be a huge jump because so many people's cars have been demolished on the east coast as well. like i say that's not a good reason but you're right. construction, auto, a lot of the industries are already doing so much better will probably continue right? >> yes. you think about the auto bailout in particular. that was a tough call. the president's made a lot of
6:24 am
tough calls in the last four years. generally clear where the politics would line up. he made the call to save the american auto industry and now they're back. you look back at those things. that's why i'm almost more excited to vote in 2012 than i was in '08 because we have this record to run on that we're proud of. it turned out to be the right call. >> stephanie: what you just said, i've said that over and over. it is amazing to me and i think because we become so partisan this president's record can be spun as anything but a huge success. most normal economists he literally did pull us from the brink of a great recession. not just -- like you say, you look at the numbers. you look at any graph right? this is absolutely the right direction. right. you don't even need to be an economist, stephanie. you can look at a graph. i totally agree. we were facing the worst economic downturn since the great depression. it bears repeating you know. and the president you know, really took bold action from the very beginning with a stimulus act which worked.
6:25 am
independent economists concur that three million jobs create or save. that's what got us on the road to recovery. that's where he started to talk about healthcare, lilly ledbetter, dodd frank and all of the other things that happened over the last four years. i think when we look at this record in historical context people will recognize how much was done over the last four years and the crisis we averted with some of the steps. >> stephanie: absolutely. jonathan had a piece. the most important data is employment report wasn't the top line 171,000 new jobs. pay closer attention to the revisions from august and september. most notably august. they're much closer to the mark. for instance, president obama faced brutal headlines when the august job report estimated the economy created 96,000 jobs. in september, it was revised up to 142. today it was revised to 192. the labor market in the summer was quite strong even though the initial survey suggested otherwise. he makes an interesting point. it didn't do obama any favors but the headlines seem to have no impact, probably because the
6:26 am
real labor market that real people work in and seek work in felt dirtier than the news story suggested. >> yeah. i think that he makes a good point. sometimes the numbers that show up on a headline is a snapshot of one month. they're revised. we look at the numbers. don't read too much into one month's number good or bad. you have to look at them over the long-term to average a bunch of months together and account for the revisions which can go upward. i think he's right. it probably didn't match what people were seeing in their own communities. people's friends were getting back to work. folks didn't relate to the headlines during the summer and now we're seeing why. >> stephanie: well ronnie, it is interesting we talk about literally, in such a partisan environment, two sets of facts yet literally have heard folks pull numbers out of thin air the real number is closer to 47%. what?
6:27 am
that's the thing. there's only so much you can argue about hard numbers right? >> right. it is a great thing. we're entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts. best thing you can do is have the facts at your disposal. tell the story about how we created over five million new jobs. talk about the downward trend in unemployment and the gdp numbers. if you can do a google searching of all of these things from the bureau of labor statistics and other sources we can give. you'll be able to have the numbers at your disposal. >> stephanie: here is the one we just mentioned last week. how many times has mitt romney repeated there's 23 million americans out of work. it is not even so much him you about the mainstream media should say well, the actual number is 12. but anyway, that was mitt romney. you can't just double a number. and say that's true. >> especially with the big consequences in this election. we do have some fact checkers out there. even though their campaign said
6:28 am
they wouldn't be dictated, people are paying attention to them. the second thing is when i went out to do my own early voting here in north carolina, such enthusiasm long lines people were excited about getting the chance to vote. people know when they're being spun and people know when the statistics are being made up. for folks feeling despair when they see the false claims and bad statistics, you need to fight back with the truth. in the end, people will get the message. that's already happening. >> stephanie: any truth to the rumor that the job numbers are entirely fact checkers for mitt romney? >> we'll have to look into that one. >> stephanie: ronnie chatterji of the white house economic council. >> thank you stephanie. >> stephanie: tomorrow. >> i didn't want to send people to the polls today. >> stephanie: i meant tomorrow. some people can vote early. >> stephanie miller said -- >> stephanie: shush. right back with rude pundit.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> how's that -- >> stephanie miller show -- >> going? it is only day three but i understand how the whole world works now. >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the toll free number. dana in maryland. >> caller: good morning, guys. how are you? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: i just wanted to say thank you for everything that you've done. thank you for the people that i chat with every day and we love you. and we're true fans. we know how hard you guys work. >> stephanie: not really. >> caller: how little that you sleep. you've really kept us going. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: let's go, obama tomorrow! i can't wait to hear the excuses when he wins. >> stephanie: the whining is what will be really interesting.
6:34 am
>> we have to put in a little baby crying. >> that was burt bacharach from rocky mountain mike. >> cd suggestion for you. >> stephanie: yes? >> caller: with elvis costello and burt bacharach called painted by memory. beautiful, stunning album. >> stephanie: note to self, don't hire tiny tot as producer. >> caller: thanks you guys, love you. >> stephanie: forward, forward, fire it up. ready to go. >> i'm familiar with the burt bacharach. >> stephanie: tiny tot. it is monday. let's get rude. ♪ >> pundit. >> stephanie: good morning rudeness. >> good morning. i feel like i should sing raindrops keep falling on my head. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: so great stuff as usual. i love the -- here's a few fun
6:35 am
quotes you can use on your right wing uncle. it never hurts to look backward in order to move forward. there's so much. you focus on governor of massachusetts. i heard governor romney describe his record. his record was that he raised taxes by $730 million. he called hem -- them fees. he's not good on conservative issues. >> no. when mccain was launching into him -- you could find the same thing from gingrich launching into him this election. but if there's one thing that you can say to conservatives is go back to 2008 -- 2007 and you'll find that doubt there. that should keep you away from the polls. you should just stay home. stay home. >> stephanie: speaking of mccain, let's leave you -- the bitterest elf ever to run for president. who set up romney in 2008. ronald reagan would not approve of someone who changes their positions depending on what the year is. >> if zombie reagan could rise
6:36 am
from the grave -- >> well, here you go again. >> yeah. he would leave that brain behind because it is slopped around too much. >> stephanie: you also say to tell the right wing uncle romney's job creation was the third worst in the country leaving the people with a huge debt because of the big government-mandated healthcare system. >> the funny thing is that romney and back before obama you know, created the eastel version of romney -- the evil version of romney's healthcare plan, he himself was talking about how great it was and how the nation should consider embracing it. because it was so splendiferous. >> stephanie: i love he's trying to sell bipartisanship. what was it? like 700 vetoes were overridden by the massachusetts -- what kind of bipartisanship is that? >> right. that's the thing. he was in a position where either he went along with what
6:37 am
democrats wanted or it was just -- he would never have his name on anything. >> while the rest of the country was losing 67% of manufacturing jobs -- 7% of manufacturing jobs 14% of the jobs left massachusetts. >> thank you john mccain. and we don't know what percentage of that were just the ones that bain capital the companies they bought. >> stephanie: exactly. i have to say my personal favorite, we were saying i agree with the little crying girl sick of the election. the waning days of this exhausting campaign, the rude pundit couldn't hit -- hate his tv or internet more than if they were [ bleep ] by demons. the romney campaign has tossed on the bonfire. i would have thought that was going okay rude until i saw today's headline. it is not cold enough for that. >> now they're imprisoning
6:38 am
people for him. that's what you're going to get is voter imprisonment camps. come on, glenn beck, why aren't you talking about that? >> some poor child. my daughter's frostbitten, can we leave? >> no! >> we won't let you out of this barricade you voluntarily came to. >> stephanie: mitt in an effort to appear human creates the little match girl. >> that's the thing. it is like he's threatening your children's fingers if you don't vote for him. how many fingers will it cost your child for you to pull the switch for me? >> how much did you spend on violin lessons? >> stephanie: and your final post which of course, i'm preemptively hearing my mother in my head go oh, dear. a healthy end to the filthy campaign of a filthy liar. [ applause ] i just asked this question a few minutes ago, rude. you say we have no time to
6:39 am
entertain whether it will work. we have no patience for a press unlogical to call a lie a lie. it seems as if the campaign of mitt romney is a mad sociologist experiment in seeing how many people will believe -- how many lies people will believe. romney was revealed to be the robot we suspected him. the scientist controlling the levers. they were trying to gauge how racist and stupid the nation is. >> we're going to discover that we're 47% racist and stupid. it is the reverse 47% from -- it was the 47% that will actually punch the button for romney. up here, we'll be going old-fashioned. scrawling xs on the paper. >> stephanie: yikes. >> do you have electricity where you are? >> i just got it back saturday. but i just -- i just drove through hoboken this morning. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. it is a thing you have to do every now and then. but truly right now, all
6:40 am
kidding aside hoboken is -- totally screwed. pose -- power is gone all over. it is a creepy place. >> apparently it is really cold there. >> in the 30s today. and then just because god wants to be total tea bag he's sending a nor'easter our way. >> there was an earthquake in new jersey also. >> there was an earthquake? >> 2.0 earthquake in northern new jersey this morning. >> stephanie: we're no longer allowing chris christie jogging jokes because he's on our side. >> yesterday he said he's still voting for romney. >> stephanie: i don't believe him. he will vote for obama when he gets in the booth. >> if you want to get deeply psychological about the press conference when he was asked a question, there was a sigh of -- vote for romney. >> stephanie: you heard the whole story. we'll get to it later. he was apparently supposed to be the v.p. pick and -- i love like how's that working out for you
6:41 am
mittens? you're losing wisconsin. you picked the budget munster. >> the thing is once jeb bush and chris christie decided they weren't running that meant that the smart narcissists in the g.o.p. decided yeah, we're -- nobody is going to beat obama. it was left to the dumb narcissists to run for president and so the dumbest richest narcissist of them all is the one that got nominated and you know what? i don't want him just to lose. i want him to be disgraced. >> stephanie: this piece this is exactly what i was saying is you say there is something so deeply galling and so disturbing in how romney lies, the campaign began in a lie that he was dissing job creators and ends with a lie that they're moving jobs to china because obama failed them. a lie so ludicrous the ceo of chrysler had to refute it. romney has refuted it.
6:42 am
i love -- you know, put to rest this phrase flip-flop. you say we use the cute phrase flip-flop to describe romney's change in positions. they're not mere change in position. they're lies. we could ask if romney was lying in the past. intensely conservative or now when he's somewhat more moderate again. except for abortion, romney refuses to admit he's changed his position. >> yeah. everyone's just like oh, that's just mitt. that's what you get when you get romney. he's just going to shift around in his positions like a piece of overboiled spaghetti in the wind. >> stephanie: elton john, i hear him running to a piano now. >> stephanie: it reminds me of the old -- you know, are you lying now or were you lying then? what movie he is that from? >> were you lying then? are you lying now? or are you not in fact a chronic and habitual liar! >> stephanie: that always takes me by surprise.
6:43 am
>> yes. i wasn't expecting that. was that charles lawton? >> yes. >> wow. because the only answer for romney is just yes. to all of it. [ laughter ] his position is whatever the lie is. >> stephanie: he was caught -- what was that thing he said, whenever -- whatever i said, i stand by it. he has no idea what he said. >> i firmly believe in anything you want me to say. >> whatever i said at the time, i stand by it. which is just -- it means that you don't give a damn what you said at the time. >> stephanie: yeah. you say -- the storm, the final nail in romney's coffin, the feeling was a long time coming. president obama didn't [ bleep ] the response to sandy as romney might have hoped. he made him seem like the tiny, insignificant rich [ bleep ] that he is. even chris christie has decided he's sick of him and tossed him under the 2016 bus. you're right. it looked like a hostage video.
6:44 am
yeah sure, yeah. >> i said i was going to vote for him. i'm going to vote for him. all right. president obama knows i'm going to vote for romney, wink, wink. >> prove i didn't vote for him right? >> stephanie: off mic, he says they can't see me in the booth right? i'm telling you right now -- [ buzzer ] i'm telling you right now he's voting for president obama. i just know it. >> he's voted for president obama because he needs obama to win so he can run in 2016. that's where it is. it is going to be christie 2016 and the other thing that annoys me about christie is i wish we had somebody like him on our side. >> stephanie: well, we did the past couple of weeks. >> but you know -- >> talk talking. >> a couple of weeks of it is fine. he also was there -- he also became sort of the major spokesperson for the obama campaign. more than anything else. and krugman -- paul krugman's
6:45 am
column today is all about the response between sandy and katrina and just laying out there saying -- you know, big government isn't the enemy. you know. he quotes the old ronald reagan line where reagan got cheers. i'm from the government. i'm here to help. >> stephanie: rude, chris christie proved obama's point better than anyone ever could have that he has always been bipartisan. has always reached you know, across the aisle to help anybody who will work with him. >> yep. that's one of the missing narratives from this campaign. >> stephanie: it blew romney's whole closing argument. like that scene in "brute almighty" -- "bruce almighty." >> someone in the chat room said we have a chris christie like character and that would be alan grayson. that's a very good point. >> yeah. if we could get the right to stop, you know, stop trying to swat him down every time that he gets some traction.
6:46 am
>> stephanie: yeah. exactly. oh, that's just -- that's just rude. >> stephanie: a lot of these -- he's up against a tea bagger. he's going to win. we're having jim on today who i think will beat michele bachmann. a lot of the tea baggers are going down. >> it really is one of the -- yeah it really will be something if we start to lose the standard bearers for the tea party. if nothing else should be a sign to republicans to turn back to moderation, it would be somebody as high profile as bachmann. going down the -- well, yeah. >> i don't think she's -- >> gaping -- >> stephanie: there is a stylist out of work. poor marcous. [ wah wah ] >> livid! >> stephanie: somebody must be in a bone-white suit in minnesota besides michelle. >> careerly a crew. >> stephanie: rudeness, happy election week. see you next week. there he goes. 47 minutes after the hour.
6:47 am
right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> that happened and we all let it happen. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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6:52 am
♪ jacki's news ♪ >> stephanie: good morning jacki schechner. >> good morning. >> stephanie: all right. we need an entire team to shoot down one lie after another. you mention this last week. i had time to read the whole thing that you sent me. romney has been on the campaign trail saying the reason a lot of people can't get doctors now is because -- for the president's medicare cuts. >> yes. >> stephanie: a lot of doctors call office after office. we're not taking anymore medicare patients. explain, please. >> it has nothing to do with the affordable care act. >> stephanie: thank you. >> in fact, the affordable care act overs payments to primary care physicians at an increased rate because we're trying to incentivize more primary care physicians. so it actually has nothing to do with it. it has to do with the dock fix and it has been a problem since 1997. >> stephanie: right. this is from 2010. call it medicare's version of groundhog day.
6:53 am
>> it is called the dock fix. you hear about it every few months or so. the idea is to figure out how to -- how to keep costs down within medicare and still pay doctors a reasonable rate and it is a problem that just keeps coming up over and over again. it is totally separate from the affordable care act. has nothing to do with it whatsoever. really doctors would like a long-term solution. it is something congress keeps coming up with a stop-gap measure. it is a really a congressional dysfunction. absolutely nothing to do with healthcare reform. >> stephanie: this is what i was telling you. you and i were talking -- it started with right wing e-mails. my mother can't get a doctor because of obama. because of beam care. they -- because of obamacare. romney started saying on it the campaign trail last week. there's no difference anymore. >> what they would like to do is scare people. so the best way to do it is to say something like you're not going to be able a get a doctor. there will be rationed care. we're taking all of this money out of medicare. that's not where the money's coming from.
6:54 am
it is the savings from getting rid of waste fraud and abuse and slowing the rate of growth. we're not cutting payments to providers. we're not rationing care. and a good portion of the money that we're saving is going right back into medicare. it is all going back into healthcare overall. so it's not like you're stealing from medicare to give to healthcare reform which is some crazy mocked up government bureaucracy that they fabricated in their heads. it's all money that's being saved or being fiscally responsible. we're recycling the money back into the healthcare system a large portion of it is going back into medicare and another portion is going to help people pay for healthcare and afford health insurance which is something that he, as a nation, need because ultimately, we subsidize the cost if people don't have health insurance. >> stephanie: in fairness, jacki, the president was too business ordering the death of americans in benghazi. >> yeah, well. >> stephanie: on the video feed. >> i thought he was too busy
6:55 am
creating hurricane sandy. >> right. >> stephanie: alec jones did try that one. >> he seeded the hurricane. clouds seeded the hurricane. >> as those muslim kenyans will do. >> stephanie: all right, jacki schechner, thank you. >> my pleasure. [ applause ] >> stephanie: it is like romney's clay pigeons. pull. see already today -- [ gunfire ] economist from the white house. we had him to debunk the whole -- >> pull, pull! >> stephanie: jobs numbers thing. [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right. [ gunfire ]
6:56 am
>> caller: and for the world -- i'm sorry, i can't talk. stephanie is my idol. >> awe. >> i felt like obama in the first debate -- she was spewing lies. i can't defend this because you don't know what you're talking about. >> stephanie: it is like right wing callers. hen they call here, they won't respond. they just go right to the next lie. >> absolutely. she was bringing up the labor statistics and how they were fake. how come when they were right and they were bad for obama they were perfect. and then now they're -- you know they're good for obama and they're bad. >> stephanie: does she understand how many nonpolitical appointees across how many agencies and how many thousands of people that would have to involve to cook the jobs
6:57 am
numbers? >> that's what they want you to think. >> i told her that. she started yelling at me. >> of course. >> stephanie: you can't be right. >> exactly. i was like i can't argue with this. i just looked at her like i watch your show every day and i know the facts, i do the research. i was like i can't pull them out of my butt right now because you just keep lying to me. >> stephanie: it is like randy rhodes always says, don't listen to me. go read. 58 after. it's true. she makes the point because so many of the right-wingers like rush lie, people say i heard it on the radio. don't listen to me. go look at the economic nonetheless. it is 12 million out of work. not 23. go! look, read! >> numbers are renowned liars. >> stephanie: 59 minutes after. right back on "the stephanie miller show." governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show."
6:58 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: all right. election week. hour two. here we go. eric boehlert coming up from media matters. jesse williams from grey's anatomy and sexy liberal hal sparks. jacki schechner, how are you doing? how are you feeling? nate silver looking good. >> he is looking good but i'm cautiously optimistic. i'm nervous. i think there's so much riding on this election. and i think there's been so much misinformation and i think that the polls have been really wonky and i'm not real sure -- or wacky. i'm not sure what to believe. i would like to believe there is this horse race thing happening
6:59 am
that the media created but that would mean that we're optimistic and it makes me nervous. >> stephanie: i know one thing for sure. i will absolutely be drunk tomorrow when we do our election night special together, the three of us from current live tomorrow. >> can we all be drunk? >> stephanie: yeah. >> there's no bar at current. >> stephanie: i bring the wine hat. it will be at 4:00 p.m. pacific live. we'll be doing our pre-election special. jacki schechner meantime, dead sobber in the current news center. >> it is fairly early here. good morning everybody. another famous face is working to help get out the vote for the president in wisconsin. bradley whitford who played chief staff josh lymon on the west wing is talking to voters about the importance of casting their vote. >> because if you care about the future of this country, there's a clear choice in this election. we're moving forward. not backwards. but we need your help. >> you can hear the west wing music in the background. in wisconsin, you can register and vote all in the same day.
7:00 am
in wisconsin senate race, let's take a look at tammy baldwin and thompson, both having a shot at making history. baldwin would be the first woman elected to the senate from wisconsin. would be the senate's first openly gay politician. if thompson wins, he would be the first former governor to get elected to the senate. he has been out of office for 12 years now. also if president obama wins the presidency in wisconsin and tommy thompson wins the senate seat democrat/republican combination would be historic because it would be the first time that has ever happened. in massachusetts elizabeth warren's campaign says it's got 24,000 volunteers working to get out the vote tomorrow. it plans to knock on a million doors and make two million phone calls. she's got a slight lead at the moment over senator scott brown who's trying to cast himself as an independent voice. we're also keeping an eye on senator claire mccaskill who is about seven and a half points ahead of todd legitimate rape
7:01 am
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to break the ice. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: mm-hmm, it is "the ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> we'll find out tomorrow. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. you can e-mail us all there chris lavoie, jim ward or me, stephanie miller. sexy liberal hal sparks proving we have way better, way hotter surrogates. tomorrow, sarah jessica parker on the big show. also another -- big one we
7:05 am
think. almost. confirmed. okay. >> have you seen a picture of jesse williams who we have coming up? >> stephanie: of grey's anatomy. >> he's quite a looker. >> stephanie: look what i got from my boyfriend. >> chris cluey? >> stephanie: yes. i'm a beautiful unique sparkle pony. >> we couldn't get you the other one. >> stephanie: no, the lustful [ bleep ] monster? >> no. he sells t-shirts that say that as well. >> stephanie: that would make courtney stroke out. she's wearing what? [ screaming ] speaking of awesome surrogates, how do i get every one of katie parery's dresses? i love her music. katy perry. >> she kissed a girl. i heard that. >> stephanie: somebody someone tweeted i would like to see meat loaf wear that dress. i want the forward dress and the one with the president's face. >> stephanie: we've posted, the night of too many stars.
7:06 am
she sings a dite with an autistic little girl -- her biggest fan. it is so -- oh, my god. >> we posted it up on your facebook page. >> stephanie: yeah. when i saw her here at the obama concert, she was doing the statue of liberty out there with the stars and stripes. the flag cape and i don't know -- statue of liberty microphone something. [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: i need that forward dress. >> you don't care dress. you wear slacks. >> stephanie: i wear dress all the time. >> you don't wear slinky dresses like that. i wear tarty dress. >> only ones that go with flannel shirts. >> stephanie: i'm not that -- >> eric boehlert. ♪ hurt so good ♪ ♪ come on, baby ♪ >> eric boehlert. ♪ hurt so good ♪ >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. >> i don't know what that means. >> eric boehlert from media matters who we love. good morning eric boehlert.
7:07 am
>> good morning. >> stephanie: oh, you know you and your tweets. that's all i have to keep me warm on the weekends. you say tune into the sunday talk shows and hear cries of it's tied to hear why the d.c. press has no interest in nate silver's math. it is fairbly incredible, isn't it? >> i guess it was inevitable he would become the target and he definitely did in the last week or so. obviously everyone knows the polling blogger of "the new york times" who does a little more math and a little less gut than the rest of the pundits. he came underfire both from the right wing. they hate him because his numbers don't add up but he also came underfire from the -- the elite who for dates have sort of had the corner on -- the information the public didn't have about who's really ahead and who's trailing and nate has sort of pulled back that curtain and said this is who's winning and this is who's losing and the
7:08 am
rest is sort of noise. >> stephanie: obviously he gives president now an 84% chance of winning the election. better than a four in five favorite to win the electoral college. 22 swing state polls obama led 19 with two showing a tie with mitt romney. it is not just his polls eric. the sole poll, one swing state poll out of 22. right? >> exactly. everyone knows this comes down to electoral math. but you know, people who know better are the ones saying oh, it's tied nationally. it's tied nationally. come on! who think that -- chuck todd -- whoever else is on tv, you know, the sunday shows, i mean i'm pretty sure they realize this isn't a popular vote in this country for over a century. but you know, it sounds so much more interesting. it sounds so more dramatic. it is tied. it's tied. you don't say you know,
7:09 am
obama's -- romney's chance of getting to 270 are about 20%. you say it's tied. >> stephanie: you also talk about -- still don't understand why press is ignoring clear polling. the senate may be facing a debacle on tuesday. in addition to several tea party members going down in the house. where is that narrative right? >> yeah. maybe it will become more clear. if obama does get 300 electoral votes and you know, the democrats actually pick up states. maybe, at that point, that will be the narrative that well, it is actually a pretty good swing for the democrats but you know, a year ago the idea the democrats were going to not only hold in the senate but might pick up seats, you know, that was unthinkable. the whole spin was they have to defend 22 seats. obama has no coattails. the republican senate races are a debacle. and again it's the tea party
7:10 am
giving away these seats. but you don't really hear much of that. republicans were going to take the senate. not only are they not going to take the senate, they'll lose seats. it is amazing. >> stephanie: eric, gotta hit your other piece before we go into right-wing world. it is amazing. your piece hyping benghazi madness. right wing projects dark fantasies. the benghazi story the g.o.p. noise machine is committing to tell you -- committed to tell about the september 11th terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. captures the obama hatred that they have carried throughout the first term. it is a story they seem desperate to forecast. as you say in the past, it is being used for conservatives to spin thai ugliest fantasies. he's a heartless trader who chose to let americans die at the hands of islamic terrorists. >> it is ugly stuff. obviously fox news is pounding this. they think it hurts obama for
7:11 am
the election. before unemployment went under 8% -- they switched to benghazi. you take the benghazi hysteria and you tie it into campaign hysteria and you tie it into the right wing media which is depicted obama as a socialist as a racist, as a marxist and they see -- they think he might win and it just drives this -- you know, benghazi is this right wing storm that's gaining -- you know strength over the oarves of an election. -- the oceans of an election. it is creating this cyclone effect. they call him a marxist. what can we call him now? a traitor? >> stephanie: yeah. eric, it is interesting. remember last cycle conspiracy was that they cooked the job numbers. they'll be revised downward. the numbers. the numbers have been revised upward.
7:12 am
it turns out they were wrong. >> it just proves my point. >> stephanie: now on fox news, obama may have sacrificed americans as part of a political calculation to win re-election. it is reported as fact but obama made no decision to do anything to rescue americans in benghazi which allowed them -- worse obama watched the video in real time as they snuffed out american lives. he heard cries for help. in the words of karl rove, as you say, none of that is true. >> done. >> stephanie: the c.i.a. has taken an extraordinary step of refuting all of that because -- you know -- go ahead. >> if you read my twitter feed, ten times a day i'm told that obama watched those people die in real time and refused to send in any sort of help. this is the culmination of a four-year campaign to portray obama as this murderous traitor and this benghazi is a vehicle
7:13 am
that gets them the chance to do it and again, you tie that into the election frenzy. this hysteria that he might actually win re-election when he's supposed to be this historical monster and it is just creating -- disgusting, disgusting stuff on fox news. >> stephanie: eric, it literally, to me feels like the death throws -- literally yesterday said the president should be impeached over the unemployment rate. [ laughter ] >> certainly talked about impeachment over benghazi and trials of treason. this is their -- they're planning this so if obama wins -- well he wins but let's start impeachment. >> stephanie: i'm sorry. i misspoke. he said the president should resign over the unemployment. >> okay. he wouldn't have been the first to impeach. >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world shall we. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] rush limbaugh pushing the mitt
7:14 am
mentum? >> mitt romney talking about this country and our future and where he's going and where he's going to take us. it was uplifting. it was inspirational. obama is none of that. romney's out there in a suit and tie. side by side in terms of who looks like they already are president, looks like romney. >> uh, no! >> stephanie: that is reason enough. >> because he wears a suit and tie? >> this reminds me of people who followed the 2000 campaign, famously awful mark shields appearance on pbs where he was talking about george bush looked presidential because he campaigned in a tie. and all of his supporters are like are you kidding me? this is the bar we're going to use? sure enough. romney's out there in a tie. >> stephanie: the uncensored chris matthews moment when bush landed on the aircraft carrier. he served.
7:15 am
he didn't but he looks like he did. >> nothing like style over substance. he's wearing a tie. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: jim pinkerton, fox news watch. >> the media's focus on the economy led "the washington post" to do a huge, giant article on mitt romney alleged bullying in 1965. while ignoring barack obama's -- that he heard about himself in the '70s and '80s. >> stephanie: maybe that will be the thing that -- he admitted himself to smoking pot back when he was however old in his book. >> we saw this -- few months ago. the republicans -- thought the key to their success was to rerun the 2008 campaign to do everything they did in 2008 which was claim he was -- you know obama wasn't vetted and all of this stuff. it has never been a successful re-election campaign strategy. do exactly what you did -- the four years earlier that didn't work. pinkerton claimed that, you know, still claiming we don't
7:16 am
really know what barack obama is. has there ever been anything written more about a four-year president than barack obama? i don't think there has been. >> stephanie: eric remains in the sidecar. we continue with right-wing world. kids go to my more and more business people working remotely from their mobile devices leaving your laptop behind, we have people all over the country. >> we do. >> stephanie: business travel? what is this? mad men? no. tablets, smart phones, they can't replace your office computer unless you have the go to my pc app. it turns any mobile device, your iphone, your kindle, into your computer. go to my pc by citrix. so convenient, reliable, easy to use. the number one tool for remote access. chris uses it like voodoo. >> i know. >> stephanie: to take control of my computer at my house and print stuff on to my printter from his computer at home. [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] oh, my god. >> wow. >> stephanie: with go to my
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
7:21 am
>> stephanie miller. ♪ you're still the one who can scratch my itch ♪ ♪ you're still the one that makes me laugh ♪ ♪ we're still having fun and you're still the one ♪ >> stephanie: i'm here. it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 24 minutes after the hour. eric boehlert rejoins us for right wing -- >> why was the decision made not to send special operators aircraft and the like one hour away in sigonella to rep repel the attacks. why wasn't that decision made? i look at all of this and i say this man has failed as commander in chief. i hope the american people are going to hire a new one next week. >> stephanie: okay. well as we've discussed previously eric -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: because none of that is true. i love "time" magazine piece why romney's not talking about benghazi anymore.
7:22 am
you think he wouldn't be talking about this if there was any truth to this? >> interesting. already now in a couple of weeks, couple of months from now, you can look back and say the turning point in this campaign was the moment in the second debate when romney thought he had obama and the benghazi gotcha in terms of using act of terror. that is going to be the turning point when romney lost the campaign. was when he embraced this crazy right wing rhetoric. at that point, it was kind of mild. they're just lying that obama never said act of terror and now it's become progressively worse. you're right. he has dropped it. >> stephanie: eric, it is interesting the timepiece is saying it is the topic blew up in his face but romney's sudden abandonment of the topic has been something of a mystery. even paul wolfowitz no obama fan came out and backed the obama administration and said the military team in europe was mobilized immediate but could
7:23 am
not reach benghazi in time to save lives. >> they've got $10 million of -- it wasn't going anywhere. and b there's this rather pathetic irony of oliver north and yet good for paul wolfowitz who is sort of saying look, you can't go against this. in general the right wing media which cheered the every iraq war failure and every fog of war for seven years. you know. are now you know, upset with this one single assault. where was this second guessing? where was this plea for help? >> stephanie: right. when 3,000 americans died on american soil and the worst security failure in our history we weren't supposed to politicize that at all. >> i don't remember oliver north saying anything about that then. >> we didn't need a 9-11
7:24 am
commission or a congressional hearing for any of that. massive intelligence failure for 9-11. massive intelligence failure for the iraq war that's okay. >> stephanie: sean hannity on the obama and hurricane sandy. >> president comes in. photo op. big hug with governor chris christie and they're patting each other on the back and a lot of -- you know, we're all doing great and every politician's name is named. let's see. we've got four days. we've got no electricity for millions. we've got one in three gas stations open. six-hour waiting lines. we've got people suffering freezing starving. no water. no gas. homes destroyed and no government. you can't see any fema help here. >> no fema help? >> stephanie: that's why 80% of the american people think the president did a great job. >> and where was sean hannity concerned the day after the storm? where was his concern? media matters noted the night after this epic, once in a century storm floods fox news's
7:25 am
hometown of new york city. sean hannity goes on for an hour and talks about benghazi. most disgraceful thing i've ever seen. >> stephanie: when he saw how how this played out politically for the president, it he decided it is an outrage. >> did you see the rupert murdoch's "new york post" yesterday? the editorial saying to chris christie you better -- you have to politicize hurricane sandy or else. republican party will never forgive you. if you don't start talking it up -- mitt romney in terms of the context of the storm. just amazing. >> stephanie: sarah palin on hannity. >> quite a shame that you know, obama got what he wanted out of that and that was the photo op with republican governor so that he and the mainstream media could kind of fake that bipartisanship that in no way shape or form does president obama represent.
7:26 am
>> stephanie: wow. >> unfortunate they work together to help solve the problem. >> it goes back to this "new york post" editorial. chris christie has to understand there is a blind loyalty there to the republican party. and there must be a blind hatred for president obama. if you -- if you break either one of those rules you know, sarah palin and rupert murdoch are going to take you to task. regardless of the context of epic devastation up and down the east coast. >> stephanie: it obviously wasn't a photo op. chris christie explained everything the president had done. everything federal government had done to help. it is just a thing of beauty. eric boehlert, happy election day tomorrow. >> talk to you next week. [ applause ] >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with
7:27 am
exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> they sit around in their underwear and fornicating in the stairwell. >> sounds like fun to me. >> stephanie: boston was fun. 34 minutes past the hour. >> the wilbur theatre stairwell will never be the same. >> stephanie: yikes. mark in [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. this is -- romney ad on facebook. someone said so what they're saying is batman couldn't stop all of the crime in gotham so i'm voting for two-face? [ applause ] wow, with all of the endorsements, the economists endorsing barack obama. that's kind of huge. huge! >> stephanie: not all endorsements are created equal. the london based the economics -- endorsement. they've endorsed ronald reagan, margaret thatcher and bill clinton in the past. given their state of unflinching independence as well as the
7:32 am
troubled state of the economy in the last four years their endorsement for obama not a forgone conclusion. >> i have, too said the economy is based in zimbabwe. >> stephanie: along with the salt lake city tribune. >> really? >> stephanie: too bad mittens. we said we have a, not just the hottest surrogates but the smartest, for the president. in ohio. jesse williams of grey's anatomy. good morning jesse. >> good morning. >> stephanie: i'm looking at your mesmerizing eyes on line. >> sorry about that. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: good to talk to you. you're in ohio as we speak? >> no, i'm just back from ohio. i've been bouncing around. i've been in colorado, nevada. most recently we were in ohio driving people to the polls to early voting getting them to the bureau of elections. and speaking wherever we could to get people motivated. >> stephanie: how is it feeling? obviously the numbers coming back, you know, obviously seems
7:33 am
like overwhelmingly democrats are early voting, seems like a good sign for the president yeah? >> yeah. i mean -- i honestly feel better about it than i'm comfortable saying but i do think that -- i'm seeing that we do need to get folks out to vote and i'm surprised at the amount of young people that are towing this line of apathy and indifference. maybe it doesn't concern me. people really need to kind of appreciate -- i think some people including -- the younger generation of folks who don't really necessarily appreciate how special it is to be able to have your right to vote and to be able to make your vote count. remember in 2000, that came down to 537 votes in florida. so the popular vote does matter. having a referendum, making it -- taking a stand and showing how many of us stood up for yourself and whatever issue it is. it makes a big difference. certainly running around as much as i can to encourage people to
7:34 am
vote early. just to make sure you vote. make sure you're counted. or you have nothing to complain about. >> stephanie: that's one of the story lines. the kids won't come out and vote like they did in 2008. what's your sense from being on the campaign trail so much? >> i think -- around college campuses, around kind of different -- there's different groups whether it is in school or urban areas that i think are getting out the vote. getting really incredible numbers of volunteers around the country. particularly for the president. but i do think that -- lower income communities, i think people do feel a little beaten down, particularly in battleground states, been bombarded with advertising and the robo calls and everything. i think that sometimes i think -- i am sensing especially when i was in ohio, running around trumbull county, warren, ohio cleveland, i got the sense -- because me and russell simmons, we got a bunch of -- we drove around to strip malls and shopping centers and walked in
7:35 am
and said are you registered to vote? some people said yes, they were. some people hmmed and hawed. if you are prove it. get in the van let's go vote right now. we called people on it. i did feel like we had -- their responses were kind of like yeah i'm going to get around to it. i'm going to do some chores. >> stephanie: that's why it is great that you're out there. you're right. that's human nature. right. unless -- i think -- sometimes people -- even they're well-intentioned go oh, something came up. i think these lines for early voting are really encouraging though, aren't they? i've seen like four hours in some places like florida for people lining up to wait to early vote. >> florida is incredible. really incredible. especially how mindful they're being of them -- shutting down sunday voting. people may register to line up
7:36 am
beforehand. there was a big problem in florida yesterday because people came out because they found a way to vote. you can bring your absentee votes in in person and they had a four-hour window. they were also turned away after awhile and then due to -- they opened it back up. >> stephanie: i feel like a lot of the voter suppression stuff, jesse you've heard about in not just florida but ohio. just from my anecdotal evidence and callers, i feel like it is motivating people to vote more. people don't like the idea of losing their right to vote. >> getting the opposite effect. you want your right to vote? people come and take it away from you. when people are try thog obstruct you from voting or when somebody is lying to you the truth isn't good enough. they're trying to stop you from voting, there is a reason because they're scared of what you're going to do with that vote. so i think as i've been saying to people, no matter what your
7:37 am
excuse is, no matter what the reason is that you're not voting you're fulfilling somebody else's plan by not voting. so use it or you lose it. it is literally the least you can do. we're hearing a lot of i don't know where, i don't know how. you simply go to vote.barack and the answers are there. what the early voting rules are. what state -- how long the board of elections are open, et cetera. this is the information age. you can find out anything you want at any time. go on -- >> stephanie: say that one more time. go to barack >> vote.barack has all of the answers you need for how -- for when and where you can vote. where you can specifically vote in your area. whether there's early voting hours. what the hours are. where they're located. >> stephanie: we have a link -- we have a link of jesse on if you're listening, go to
7:38 am there is a link to all of that. jesse, thanks so much for the report and all of the great work you're doing ute there. >> it is my pleasure. thank you for your time. i listen to your show as often as i can. i really appreciate it. >> stephanie: you obviously have exquisite taste. talk to you again soon. >> thanks, guys. >> very cool. [ applause ] >> stephanie: we had kate walsh last week. all of the hotties from grey's anatomy. the president -- speaking of the campaign trail. this weekend. >> obama: i know what real change looks like. it's because i fought for it. [ cheering ] because i delivered it. we can't give up on it now. >> stephanie: he and bill clinton are just about out of voice. [ laughter ] >> they only have to crawl to the finish line tomorrow. that's it. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: meanwhile mitt romney is helping small children freeze to death. >> keeping them in internment camps. basically.
7:39 am
>> stephanie: romney letting frostbitten child leave pennsylvania rally. it's not cold enough for that. wow. that's a compassionate conservatism we've heard so much. mitt romney drew a crowd of about 25,000 to a victory rally. no. >> computer says no. >> stephanie: in pennsylvania. but a delay caused him to show up 90 minutes delay. reporters tweeted various attendees trying to leave but being prevented by doing so by campaign staff. one mother begged to get her frostbitten daughter out -- "the new york times" reporter told staffers it's not cold enough for that. [crying] >> stephanie: her fingers aren't blue yet. get her back in there. people are literally sneaking out the gates now. because they're told they can't leave. >> you will stay here until you turn red not blue. >> stephanie: people are streaming through the gates. romney is still speaking. wow! wow!
7:40 am
>> come on, let me out! >> voter internment camps. >> too soon? [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: okay. yeah romney -- i love this piece. the myth of bipartisanship. bad timing with chris christie and the president. i'm the only bipartisan. he said i'm going to reach across the aisle and meet with good democrats who love america. there are good democrats like that. he had to point that out. most of them aren't but he'll find the ones that are. yeah. >> like joe lieberman. >> stephanie: wait a minute. the republican -- has been breezily assuring voters he knows how to work with democrats because he did as governor of massachusetts. [ buzzer ] romney's record in boston wasn't four years of genial comit in, four years of gridlock. the legislature overrode more than 400 romney vetoes interrupted by one piece of brilliant legislation which ted kennedy helped pass.
7:41 am
healthcare. [ applause ] >> stephanie: romney's profession of bipartisan -- >> shock on that willard. >> stephanie: promises he could scarily abandon if he wanted to. the magical promise of bipartisanship. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] i love this headline. matt romney goes to russia, secretly sends message to putin to ignore his dad's campaign rhetoric. dad's a douche. >> he's a douche. >> stephanie: not evil. this week, mitt romney's son traveled -- reports say allayed any concerns the russian government had about his father's harsh stance on russia. he said rusch sha our number one -- russia, our number one geopolitical foe. >> we have known that for some time. >> matt has business in russia from what i understand. >> stephanie: while in moscow, he told a russian -- to pute than despite campaign rhetoric,
7:42 am
his father wants good relations if he becomes president. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: my dad's a liar. everyone in america knows it. >> my dad's a jerk! can't even have good relations with england. let alone russia. >> stephanie: all right. joyce in shreveport, louisiana. hi joyce. >> caller: hello. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i'm calling because i'm an elected official in shreveport and i have at least 30,000 voters in my district. i want to know why the media is saying that 49% tie between romney and obama and nobody's been told. everybody i've talked to said nobody's ever called them. where do they get the numbers from? >> stephanie: that's the thing. jacki -- at this point you can't look at the polls. get out and vote.
7:43 am
it's -- >> don't worry that the voting machines are run by republicans. it will be fine. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: 45 minutes -- >> you still need to get out and vote! >> stephanie: please don't listen to jim ward. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show". >> you're a. not an opinion person. >> stephanie: it would not occur to me to be anything but a reporter. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." an informed electorate. our country's future depends on you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. take the time to learn about the issues. don't just vote, vote smart.
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>>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk! the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller >> stephanie miller. ♪ ♪ this band is gonna play my tune ♪ ♪ strike it up, strike it up ♪ >> stephanie: 50 minutes after the hour. it is the "the stephanie miller show." >> we know what change looks like. and what he's selling ain't it.
7:48 am
>> stephanie: all right. yeah. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. you know, speaking of obama surrogates i mean you don't often use the word legendary but you do when you say good morning, blythe danner. hi, blythe danner. >> that's very nice. i'm out in california right now. it is early for me. how are you doing? >> stephanie: i'm good. i know i spoke to you on the red carpet once somewhere and i spoke to your daughter, gwyneth paltrow and i said you'll never know who i interviewed. blythe danner. she went along with the joke. >> i'm very happy. i came to fame as being gwyneth's mom which is fine with me. >> stephanie: and much more. how are things out on the campaign trail. why are you so motivated this time around? >> so excited. out connecting with people. listening to what they had to
7:49 am
say about how they are -- their kids have been working so hard. i can't get over the kids -- the field offices and they're so smart and they've just got -- they were such a big help to me. i think first as a woman and then as a mom and a grandmother i just -- i can't imagine how anybody could not vote for our president. when you think about what he has done, how much he's accomplished. i said when i was out there how he just doesn't blow his own horn enough. we have to do it for him. the fact that the first -- bill he signed when he came in, the lilly ledbetter, to have that great lady talking at the convention and on the trail the fair pay act to help women fight back against discrimination is just extraordinary. and all of the -- the fact that 32 straight months of job growth
7:50 am
that we've had under president obama and yes when you enter with a tsunami as he did people keep saying you can't talk about it. well you can when there's been an avalanche that you've come into. i don't think he could possibly know what hit him until he was there. they complained about him. down to 5%. he just didn't know what there was there. nobody could really know the extent of that, you know. and when obama -- 5.6 million seniors, people with disabilities prescription drugs. 17 million -- 17 million kids with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage. on the women's health choices are -- for choice and for women's health choices. best made with their doctor
7:51 am
without interference from employees and old men. that's something i can't understand how there are so many old men who want to determine what happen to women's bodies. >> stephanie: tina fey calls them gray-faced men with $2 haircuts. >> you know, i'm going in and out. all i have is my cell phone. what did tina fey say? >> stephanie: she called them gray-faced men with $2 haircuts telling women who they can do with their bodies. >> yeah. it is so exciting, i love the fact that they really have not been -- you know, you see the lines right now in ohio and in florida and people getting out there on sunday. it is just -- extraordinary. they're not going to go home. they're going to stay there until the very end. very heartening.
7:52 am
>> stephanie: blythe, what is your sense in florida? i share your view, i don't understand how particularly seniors could consider voting for mitt romney and for a running mate who would literally butcherrize medicare. >> yeah, well the sad thing is that these ads that are -- that we're all bombarded with. they are in florida when i was down there this huge, huge billboard, the koch brothers or somebody must have paid for flashing lights and saying three words. abortion gay marriage, obama. that's all that flashed up on that billboard. and then the ads are so untruthful and misleading. you hope and pray that people really delve deeper and get online and read the facts from the obama web site. >> stephanie: unfortunately blythe, mitt romney has showed no compunction about putting out
7:53 am
ads that are completely factually incorrect. he doubles down and runs it anyway. whether it is car companies have to say the ad is a complete lie. he doesn't care at this point. >> they haven't withdrawn them. they keep bombarding them. we have to hope that americans -- we do tend to be somewhat a little bit -- listening to the last thing we heard. that happens a lot of times. people who aren't really interested in the facts. i think it is very hard -- when you've got people on both sides it is hard to really have discussions among them. i think, you know, obama has tried to reach across the aisle and tried to reach out to the other side. i really think we're going to see this. i know that he's going to be re-elected. i know in my heart he will be. at that point the other side is going to say well, the american people are so angry with us for having not accomplished, allowing him to accomplish very much. because you know i think they
7:54 am
will absolutely be impelled now to -- compelled to do that. this next term. >> stephanie: yep. the future of the republic, of course is on the line tomorrow. but the most important question, will there be a new "meet the parents"? >> you know, i don't know whether there will be. we've had three already. that seems to be the magic number. >> stephanie: all right. well darn the luck. blythe, thank you so much for taking time for us on such an important week and thanks for doing all of that great work on the campaign trail. >> i'm just thrilled to be a part of it all. everybody get out and vote. i know that they are today and i'm thrilled you're there. you're such a great supporter. thank you. >> stephanie: thank you. you heard her. blythe danner said do it, for god's sakes. thank you. talk to you soon. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> stephanie: there she goes. the woman the legend. >> obama is responsible for 110%
7:55 am
of all of the gay abortions in america. in that case, i'm voting for romney. >> stephanie: you have to feel their pain. literally, they're just bombarded like day and night. all right. real quick let's go to bob in washington. hey, bob. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: real quick honey. 20 seconds. >> caller: i have daughters granddaughters, great granddaughters, i cannot understand how any man can vote for somebody that will not support the lilly ledbetter act and that wants to get involved in women's reproductive rights. i've got -- i feel like jeff foxworthy. i live in a sea of estrogen. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you heard the man. 58 minutes after the hour. right back with sexy liberal hal sparks on "the stephanie miller show." the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show."
7:56 am
>> stephanie: hello current tv land. oh, jacki schechner. i don't know. this may be good news for comedy but just bad news for the world. 2/3 of republicans believe in demonic possession. less than half believe in climate change. >> that's frightening. >> stephanie: you know why that's good news for comedy? next time it means president bobby jindal. that's who's running. >> that's ridiculous. >> it redefines the uninformed voter, right? >> stephanie: i want an exorcist in the white house just for comedy purposes. did he exercise a demon from his
7:57 am
college girlfriend. who hasn't done that? looking forward for comedy purposes. in the meantime, looking forward to news with jacki schechner in the current news center. >> being from south florida i can tell you it is no surprise to hear that early voting has been a mess. particularly in miami-dade county. republican governor rick scott and the republican controlled legislature cut early voting days from 14 down to 8 which has led to extremely long lines. as stephanie discussed with jesse williams last hour. one voting location in the entire county was open yesterday for four hours. then temporarily shut down leaving hundreds stranded and clamoring to exercise their right to vote. officials claimed originally technical problems and lack of staff but further investigation showed it had to do with miami-dade mayor republican carlos jimenez who ordered the closure because he had not personally authorized it in the first place. it was a four-hour session that was designed to help alleviate some of the long lines and it
7:58 am
was authorized by the deputy mayor and the elections supervisor. they were letting people cast absentee ballots in person. some of the wait times have been clocked as much as seven hours down in florida. it's not alone as being a state racking up some voter irregularities. "the washington post" one source keeping track of them everywhere from ohio, virginia, north carolina and wisconsin. just to name a few. i want to also go back to the missouri senate race for a moment. i mentioned last hour that senator claire mccaskill's leading todd akin by about seven and a half points. he said he was arrested at least eight times in the '80s. according to the huffington post, the arrests were for press tress trespassing or resisting protests. you remember his comments women can't get pregnant from legitimate rape has lost substantial national g.o.p. support. we'll see how this affects tomorrow's election. back with more steph after the break.
7:59 am
new sheriff in town, and she's going to cut through the noise. wanda sykes will be keeping it simple, boiling it down, shaving the head of this beast ... >> ah, shut your yap! (vo) oh. >> hey. watch the show. i'll have experts make sense of [bleep] so you can vote smart. (vo) it's an all new election special. (vo) wanda sykes. breaking the election down like a >> shut up!
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: oh, yes it is. it is "the stephanie miller show." >> which is brought to you in part by our friend burt leavy author of the last open road and other novels who ask have you traveled the last open road? go to >> stephanie: thank you. in my purple vision, it can almost melt my retina, hal sparks is here. >> hi. bless you. >> stephanie: sexy liberal hal sparks.
8:03 am
>> right on cue. >> stephanie: he wasn't here wednesday because he's on the east coast still because he went there to do sexy liberal which he blew the roof off but not that way, just in the comedic way. >> i spent the next few days putting it back on. >> you were kind of trains, planes and automobiles it. i was watching your -- >> it was nuts. >> stephanie: put gps in your underwear. there's hal. >> we ended up, you know, they were talking about the airports being shut down and wednesday they would open them up and that didn't happen. we ended up driving to philly where planes had been flying out of and having to fly a separate flight, you can't check your bags all the way through. fly to chicago, get off the plane. get another flight from there if and when there will be a plane. >> stephanie: boy oh, boy. he's back! he's back! >> yea! >> how are you? [ applause ] >> stephanie: what a fabulous show at the beacon. sexy liberals, all of us on
8:04 am
stage with rob reiner, et cetera. all right. speaking of awesome things from illinois by the way -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> besides me. >> stephanie: tammy duckworth she's up at least ten. >> wow that's great. >> stephanie: that [ bleep ] joe walsh. jennifer granholm retweets they didn't bury me in iraq and they're damn well not going to bury me now on the negative campaign ads they're running against me. i love her! >> she's amazing in that her level of just kind of comfort and steadiness during some of the debates because the crack pot nonsense that comes out of joe walsh's mouth regardless, in his own speaking is one thing but then when he gets into -- it is like he and scott brown ffsz as if they were dosed with extra dumb. >> stephanie: thank you! >> going into their debates. >> stephanie: how well elizabeth warren is doing! >> that's the problem. rush limbaugh says things
8:05 am
started going to hell when women started voting. i'm kidding because i realized i said that out loud. >> stephanie: sounds like elizabeth warren who the talking turtle said would never get a vote -- and by the way she says neener. neener. i hope harry reid puts senator warren's office as close as possible to mcconnell's. [ laughter ] >> i'm not sure. >> they were on "60 minutes" together last night. >> they wouldn't look at each other. >> they would not look at each other. >> they were sitting next to each other. >> harry reid and mitch mcconnell. they literally did not look at each other once. >> my friend over here is a dill weed. >> stephanie: julie says she'll soon make a -- >> that's a piece of lettuce. >> stephanie: she'll soon him make him wish she had run the consumer protection bureau. one of wall street's paid stooges got paid stooge status for making distasteful -- and
8:06 am
for hiring homeless black people to parade around in obama voter for $8 an hour. ms. warren has the makings of a real political star. she raised $40 million. i hope she beats the pink leather hot pants off that nasty senator. me too. looks like she's on track to. >> again, at this point, it's all about turnout. because we need almost an overwhelming -- we need a point and a half spread to cover voter suppression. that's essentially it. so if you're even in a district where obama is safe. it is a clear victory for even the people you support. maybe you will get out because there's provisional things on the ballot that you wanted, that you're for. depending on your state. but the main thing is that we need that 1.5 just to cover the amount of people who are going to be disenfranchised this time. to pad that -- we'll get the
8:07 am
electoral. that seems to be clear. >> stephanie: like clockwork hal. obviously obama ahead in ohio. people aren't stupid. they know what happened to the auto rescue. they aren't believing the action ds. last minute ohio contracts legal votes could swing the election. ohio secretary of state -- >> go down in american history right up there with like a stack of racist icons. like the guys who stood on the steps when they were bringing the students -- the black students to school in alabama for the first time. he's right there with them. that's what his deal is. >> stephanie: an issue directed friday that lays out requirements for submitting a divisional ballot. it puts the burden on the voter to correctly provide the i.d. looking for whatever hoop they can find. he instructed officials if the form is not filled out correctly. it should not be counted. according to a lawsuit filed by voting rights advocates this is contrary to a court decision. it is contrary to ohio law.
8:08 am
on and on. the last-minute directed changes switches the burden to the voter. blah, blah blah. the court gave him until today to respond to the lawsuit. he tried to reduce early voting. whatever they can do. >> and it's targeted. see the other thing you have to know, as much as i do believe genuinely that he and rick scott are racists they're also classist on an equal level. they believe in white trash. they'll also, amongst themselves go yeah, there's white people that are above everybody else. but there is a certain section of white people that should be protected. if you look at the areas in florida that have plenty of machines, short lines easy systems for voting, they're all heavily in that direction. >> stephanie: eric boehlert tweeted, there's something wrong when it takes four hours to vote in florida the same day it takes two hours to get gas in new jersey. what's going on? >> right. right. because there is a -- a super storm of voter suppression going
8:09 am
on. there is a confluence of -- >> thank you. >> of putting -- you know, intentionally -- it is chess moves. they're literally putting barriers in three different directions hoping they can squeeze that. you look all over the news. people are tweeting pictures and people are going down the block. >> stephanie: what happened to that enthusiasm gap story. >> i heard this when i was driving in. i heard you mention that you think with eric boehlert people i think are more enuse thissed to vote when they are denied that right. it is almost like they're voting for the right to vote. at this point. because man, if you're -- your secretary of state is becoming one of the most important people -- you know in the administration -- of your particular state. the governor gets more important than it has been. a lot of people shrug off even that. but this is gross. husted is a punk. that's just wrong. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: obama's approval rises -- this is significant in terms of polling. he's seen a boost in his job
8:10 am
approval rating in the past week obviously. as mitt romney's favorable has hit a rough patch. this is the ppc polling. obama's job approval has made a net gain of 6 percentage points. romney's has dropped by net 7 points. obama's even in rasmussen showed a 5-point net boost. most recent poll on saturday showed 77% positive approval rating to the president's performance in the hurricane. and i think -- chris christie was the october surprise i think. >> the storm certainly was. there was a -- somebody came in -- i think it was haley barbour and a couple of other people on fox news and other places saying that the storm was the october surprise and it stopped the momentum. it wasn't the storm that stopped his momentum. it was the fact that people saw what real governing actually looks like when all of the -- >> stephanie: could ruin his whole closing argument about bipartisanship. perry mason in his final -- >> it was absurd. they were hoping to skate in on benghazi which which is a farce.
8:11 am
and that was going to be enough for them. and he was still -- still no taxes. still no specifics to his plan. still -- nobody knows what elements of the tax code he's going to modify or cut. hasn't said any of that stuff. they were hoping to diverge the voters from -- i hate barack obama enough and i'm dissatisfied for whatever reason. enough to not vote for vote for romney this time around which i just don't see happening. >> i'm going to create $12 billion. >> it is just os. >> when you've got $250 million in the bank, it is a shock but it's not a big deal. >> $250 million in the bank that we know of. >> let's be real clear. we're going to find out he's a billionaire. that's what harry reid is talking about. >> stephanie: if the tax reports ever come out. >> that's the thing. wikileaks anonymous i'm calling you! you guys seem to -- they have no problem finding like the home address to some cop who laid a beat down on some skateboarder and posting that but mitt romney
8:12 am
wants to run the free world. he's got 20 years of taxes in the mccain -- in mccain's office probably under a half eaten piece of fudge or a doughnut and a coffee mug. where are those tax returns? >> stephanie: if mccain weren't so bitter about having lost to obama. >> they're in the bathroom. >> who moved my cheese? >> stephanie: the president's wingman, bill clinton on the campaign trail. >> he's trying to say he didn't oppose what he clearly opposed i expect any day he will be offered a job as a chief contortionist as cirque du soleil. >> stephanie: given my voice and the service of my president -- he's literally -- >> by that person, he means, of course, hillary when she runs in 2016. i think there is some validity to that if she decided to go, this certainly doesn't hurt that push. >> stephanie: although it looks like an authentic bromance at this point. >> absolutely.
8:13 am
he knows -- bill clinton knows all of these guys. he knows mitt romney. he's sat across the table with him for governors issues and those kinds of things. he knows exactly -- who this guy is. so he's not a fan. >> stephanie: when they hit the don't stop, it was just -- >> very exciting. >> stephanie: it was very exciting. he also did a great story about the romney's lying ad about chrysler. he said you know, when i was young, i got my hand caught in the cookie jar governor romney, he's just digging for more cookies. >> the kasich -- the governor of ohio -- you know, captain of the good ship husted that is trying to run aground -- he actually had to go on the news and you know he got confronted with the jeep question. he said actually chrysler -- the company that has added jobs in our state.
8:14 am
>> stephanie: kasich has done quite a dance. it is all because of me. nothing to do with the president and the auto rescue. >> every time mitt romney says it's not working or that -- in his case, that people in ohio are going to lose their jobs -- wait a second! it totally is working. shut up, dude! on aive's gotta run too at some point. >> stephanie: i think like chris christie is going to throw him under the 2016 bus. >> i'm not concerned nor am i the least bit interested. >> the guy's in an idiot. did i say that out loud? >> stephanie: 18 minutes after the hour. back with hal sparks, sexy liberal on "the stephanie miller show." >> i don't like those screeches bother me. >> it's "the stephanie miller show."
8:15 am
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> this is a vintage arizona ♪ i love -- >> stephanie miller -- ♪ i love -- >> stephanie miller. ♪ take your time and dance with me. of it it is "the stephanie miller show." 23 minutes after the hour. david plouffe, white house senior advisor. >> our challenge is to make sure we get our vote out. >> stephanie: yes vote, vote, vote. sexy liberal hal sparks commands you. are you feeling happy clappy? >> absolutely i am. i think that the road to the electoral college win is very strong. there will be some nail-biting moments. ry no doubt over the -- i have no doubt over the process. certainly in florida and ohio which i -- at some point it's kind of like -- america's closet that needs cleaning out. we have to go you know what?
8:19 am
let's strip everything out of there and put it back in. because there's been so many -- so much voter shenanigans in those particular states. they're always crucial. yet we never do anything to solve it overall. i think -- i know it will be difficult but i think there should be a federal like voter registration and voter ability that is static for all of the states. if states want to have paper ballots or hanging chads for their local races knock yourself out. >> stephanie: there should be partisans on charge on either side. everybody should feel like there is vote integrity. >> stephanie: sexy liberal with us. hi. >> caller: good morning. you know how i've always said how great you are for america. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: what an amazing influence you have been in my life. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: well, i've been on the phone for so long on hold that i cleaned up my entire house, did two loads of laundry fed the cat brushed my horse
8:20 am
but it is totally worth it. >> that's not a euphemism, is it? >> not at all. >> stephanie: she sends me picture of her horse. >> caller: anyway, i called to say that saturday i got off my butt and went and canvassed a neighborhood. with a partner. and we had 34 houses -- 34 -- we picked up somebody who did not know where to vote but intended to vote for the president and we also found someone who needed a ride to the polls. so -- that's in bunk ham county here in north carolina but i bet in every precinct they're looking for folks. from what i understand, the obama folks are going to work up until tuesday night. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: so please! if you've got on a moment, go down to your local obama headquarters and offer to make phone calls. i don't know if they're still doing door-to-door canvassing. it was great to find a bunch of people who had already early
8:21 am
voted but get out there! >> stephanie: you heard her. your horse can wait for brushing for another day. >> i totally abandoned him on saturday. he's quite all right for it. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: his name is senatorring. >> he's got a six-year term. >> >> caller: please vote. get out there. >> stephanie: love ya, honey. the president on the campaign trail yesterday. >> obama: vote vote! voting is the best revenge. >> stephanie: wait until you hear what romney did with that. >> romney: he asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> i think i'm going to burst. >> that country is of course switzerland. i have a lot of money there. i have a lot of it. a lot of it. that's why i'm not releasing my tax returns.
8:22 am
you would see how much money i have parked in switzerland. you would know how much i love switzerland. >> not answering questions about my money. >> stephanie: they're not as chatty as the cayman islands. >> yes. we could go to jail for asking questions. >> stephanie: we were talking about eddie the invisible budget munster. he has been disappeared to somewhere. >> yeah. he's campaigning in places like johnstown, colorado. >> serving gravy at a cracker barrel. in montana. >> they sent him to campaign in alabama. why would the republicans need to send the vice presidential candidate to alabama? >> stephanie: i remember when they first picked him talk about your love of the outdoors. in the beginning, he was reduced to i like air. >> he has to be losing it right now. >> stephanie: how much is mitt romney cursing that he didn't pick chris christie.
8:23 am
you saw the political story. he's losing wisconsin. you thought the budget munster would -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] now from hurricane sandy and christie is obama's top surrogate. politico reported saturday chris christie was -- romney's adviser's first choice for vice president. he overruled them and chose the budget munster. romney was so close to picking christie, some top advisers believe the governor had been offered the job. they made tentative plans to announce the pick before romney headed off for his disastrous overseas trip. romney held off until he returned leaving christie hanging. until the official announcement of ryan as the pick, it left some bitterness in the christie camp. [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> don't have to look at workout pictures of chrissyty. >> -- chris christie. >> there were reports at the time that chris christie had done an event with romney, had shown up late and romney had to open for his own opener. so that was -- that was probably -- that might have been
8:24 am
the moment that he decided against chris christie because it was an ego thing. i think there is a telegenic aspect because i think to some degree -- >> stephanie: ya think? >> i think mitt romney wanted a telegenic pairing. he thought mitt romney is a young, cute guy. it was a sarah palin choice on a certain level. >> stephanie: absolutely. >> wanted to ignore his legislation. certainly not interested in anything he did in congress. at this point. and -- >> stephanie: speak of congress jim graves who is going to beat michele bachmann tomorrow. next on "the stephanie miller show." >> soundly. to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my
8:25 am
show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart.
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8:29 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> we were actually looking for a cheap miller but you're a sexy little trash, the second you started shaking the guys would drop dead. >> stephanie: all those years. >> look at all that that you're doing. >> stephanie: by the way, i'm >> that girl is freaky. >> come again? >> freaky. >> freaky? >> yeah, freaky. >> stephanie: yep, yep yep. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. the phone number. look at what the fine americans at the "star tribune" in minneapolis wrote, y'all. it is easy to see why michele bachmann dragged her feet on debating jim graves. graves is a job creator whose hotel and hospitality business has about 700 employees. bachmann who didn't respond to the editorial should be running scared. bachmann has little to show for her six years in congress besides empty rhetoric and self-promoting tv appearances and presidential bid that ran out of steam when her positions
8:30 am
became too much for her own party to stomach. don't they have exquisite taste. good morning, jim graves. >> good morning, stephanie. >> stephanie: i hear your race has really tightened. >> we're neck and neck going into the last 24 hours. we had bill clinton last night. stumping for us. we had a great evening. we're doing our best to get the message out. we think we're going to win this thing. >> stephanie: that's what i'm told. that is incredible when you think of the money the name recognition she's had. i think that you know, the "star tribune," i think has called it. the people of minneapolis have finally realized she has name recognition because she's out for herself. she's out to be on tv. >> i've been saying she's great at creating headlines but she can't create a single job. she doesn't know how to get the job done. >> stephanie: her positions on her self-promotion have alienated colleagues on both sides of the aisle. in 2010, the republican leadership denied her a key leadership position. that's a key thing to talk about. if you want to get something
8:31 am
done in congress for the sixth district in minnesota, it is not with her right? >> no, stephanie. the interesting thing about it is michele bachmann is the most prolific fund-raiser in the business. she's raised more money to attack -- over $22 million right now and going up. and yet she doesn't even get any kind of a nod from her own party when she gets back to congress. she definitely is on the outside -- she's out for herself and it is quite clear and i think the people on both sides of the aisle can sense that it's time for her to move on. >> stephanie: she has been denounced by john boehner by john mccain with this ridiculous muslim brotherhood infiltration of the state department nonsense. the important thing for our listeners and your constituents is this lack of respect undercuts her ability to pass bills, right? >> that's it, stephanie. let's just give her credit. let's say she really wanted to balance the budget, reduce the deficit and create jobs. let's say she wanted to do it
8:32 am
and she's earnest. she can't get it done because she can't build relationships. she draws lines in the sand. she calls the president -- the standing president a fraud. she questions the president's patriotism. she questions -- she creates a lot of fear, distrust, that's not the way you move this country forward. i think the people know that. >> stephanie: jim, we've talked about this before but it looks like, you know, whether it's michele bachmann or joe walsh or steve king, i think a lot of this tea party extremism has fallen by the wayside. and the "star tribune" makes a perfect point about that. they say bachmann's extreme opposition to raising taxes and the debt ceiling also undermine her fiscal responsibility claims her absolutism runs counter to every debt reduction plan including simpson bowles. she's a load bloc. -- she's a roadblock. >> she would rather have our country go off a fiscal cliff
8:33 am
because she's pledged to grover norquist that she would never raise taxes. you can't advocate your ability to govern if you're going to congress. you have to be open to negotiations and compromise. we need a macro-balanced approach. we all know -- everybody knows that. she's on the wrong side of history on this whole thing. >> stephanie: i think they close perfectly in the "star tribune" editorial bachmann could have used her charisma to become an effective representative. she used it to serve herself instead of her constituents. >> when she was running for president, people got a glimpse of what michele bachmann's all about. and at the end of the day, it is a pretty shallow position she has. i don't know if she really grasps what's going on. i think it is all about her promoting her self-interest and not the people's -- of this country or the district and i think there's no question about it stephanie. people can sense it. hopefully there is enough good, honest people out there on both sides of the aisle that will
8:34 am
vote for us tomorrow and we can get the country moving fonder get those kind of people. not withstanding, stephanie, she would like to take the women's issues back 50 years. women don't want to go back -- they don't want to go back into a male dominant society. they want to have equal pay for equal work and access to healthcare. they want to have access to good jobs. this is what we're all about and she wants to move women back. that really bothers me. >> stephanie: it is very sad. jim, i think that -- honestly, i've been going to minneapolis as you know, my great station for many years. there's so much excitement about you and i think people really know this is the time. they're finally going -- she's an embarrassment. not just to minnesota. i think to the united states congress. and i believe it in my gut, this is your time. the last i saw, you were like a couple of points apart. people gotta get out tomorrow and vote, correct? >> stephanie, i know you got limited time. i was just at a panera having coffee with my wife in
8:35 am
st. cloud. i had three or four republicans say jim we've never voted for a democrat but we're voting for you because you have the right direction this country needs to go. you have a concept. you have a vision and we're sick and tired of michele bachmann. these were republicans! there's hope out there. >> stephanie: this is what i know from my friends in minnesota, the way you've done business is the complete an at this time this is of mitt romney. didn't you take over companies and outsource them and destroy jobs. you're well-known and well respected among business leaders of every partisan stripe as you just said in minnesota. >> you're right, stephanie. he was a corporate raider on wall street. totally different kind of approach. he doesn't understand the small businesses and what people are doing on main street and up and down the corridor. he's more of a wall street fella that is looking for -- you know, carried interests preference treatment on his taxes. i've worked with the people on the ground and tried to create good jobs. work with labor. work with families. try to make this country a
8:36 am
better place and our district a better place to live. >> stephanie: jim you're one of the actual job creators. if he wanted to help you, he would encourage people to vote for jim graves in minnesota's sixth district. you heard me. mitt romney would like you to vote for jim graves. >> that would be a change, wouldn't it? >> yeah, it would. >> stephanie: jim, good luck tomorrow. >> thank you, stephanie. i really appreciate it. it has been fun talking to you. i hope to talk to you after the election. >> stephanie: you, too sir. there he goes. jim graves! [ applause ] renee in the swingiest of swing states of florida. hello, renee. >> caller: good morning. how are you? >> stephanie: good morning. you're on with hal sparks and company. >> caller: hi. yes, i had a comment that i wanted to make about mitten romney's rally. on saturday and sunday. first to discuss that he -- that he was at the boy scout meeting and wanted -- the challenger apparently blew up and it was
8:37 am
saved which was a lie. i don't know if he's trying to do like a quick, pick me type thing. then also yesterday he mentioned at one of his rallies the same story about the flag and then also that his sister, which we never knew about apparently had eight kids and seven of the kids are married but one has down syndrome. so it is like a last-minute ditch effort for him to get votes or anything. >> stephanie: i see to try to humanize him. it seems like if that's an actual thing they're talking about, he's lacking some sort of -- >> keep in mind, his continuing act of humanizing himself or making himself seem presidential or have leadership skills always end in him discussion the leadership skills of someone else that he heard. like that -- stupid remark he made about cleaning your lane on the football field. remember that nonsense? we're just cleaning our lane. that would have been a good story to tell on some level. if you had been the one to come
8:38 am
up with that idea. if you were -- >> stephanie: who uses the term paper products? >> in all honesty, he wasn't the one who went hey guys, how about this. how about we all pick a lane and clean this up. that was one of the times when i realized early on the power of teamwork and leashedship. that's the story -- the story where you can actually say you showed some leadership on your own but somebody else said that. he was one of the guys who was made to clean the field. probably for cutting the hair of a fellow classmate or bullying somebody. he was forced to do janitorial -- >> why was mitt romney forced to do janitorial work after a football game? what he had done that he had to do -- >> why was that punishment? >> why was he cleaning the field? >> stephanie: it smells of desperation. rudy giuliani said the president should resign -- >> giuliani? >> stephanie: the if president's incompetence has killed americans. >> he should resign.
8:39 am
he told us he would resign if he did this poorly. do you remember that? do you remember that he told us that if he couldn't get employment above 6%, he wouldn't run for a second term? >> he's despicable. >> he lies. he has been a disaster. the worst -- the worst president for our economy in our lifetime. >> that was george bush. >> he doesn't want a second term. he wants a second chance. because he screwed if up the first time. >> oh, yeah. to his credit, giuliani is right. that's the worst doubling of the stock market i've ever seen. >> stephanie: whose job was it to clean the microphone after that? >> that's despicable. >> 36 months of continued job growth. uninterrupted job growth. that's the worst turnaround.
8:40 am
>> stephanie: he argued that mitt romney's experience running the olympics could have prevented the deaths of americans in libya. what? [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] >> by getting federal funds for it? >> stephanie: desperate last spew of the romney campaign. >> you're despicable! >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. back with the final moments with sexy liberal hal sparks on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's like a mensa meeting with fart jokes. it's "the stephanie miller show." (vo) this tuesday, current tv presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct.
8:41 am
>> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
8:42 am
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller
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. [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ give it to me, give it to me ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." this hour brought to you by go to my pc. access your entire work computer from your smart phone or tablet with go to pc free for 45 days. special offer go to my click on the tree it -- try it free button. they're doing memorable moments of the campaign. the clint eastwood thing. it looked crazier because of his hair. something going on with his hair. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right. rupert murdoch threatened chris christie, right? >> yeah. if he doesn't reaffirm support of romney, he will have to take the blame for the next four
8:46 am
years. >> stephanie: chris christie in the hostage video. >> i'm voting for mitt romney because i think he's the best guy for the job. it doesn't mean i can't turn to the president of the united states to say thank you for providing good leadership in this crisis and for helping the people of new jersey and to extend my hand of friendship to him. >> stephanie: that being said, you know he's voting for obama. you can't see in the booth. [ applause ] >> that's exactly what it means. that's compactly what they -- that's exactly what they hope it means. it has to be this you're not welcome in the white house front. that's what this has always been about. is how dare you be on our turf. >> stephanie: becky says steph, my husband's for obama but we live in new york and he believes obama has new york sewn up so he doesn't need to vote. >> no, no! >> stephanie: you take this, hal. >> first of all that's how they're trying to shave points off -- one of the reasons why -- some people genuinely believe this. >> stephanie: we need to run up the popular vote. >> it has to be close to or equal -- if the electoral college goes that way and there
8:47 am
isn't, they'll use that that to delegitimize the whole march. secondly judges, local officials, this is how they get you. you have to pay attention. if you're not going to vote for the president you think he's got it in the bag fine. check that one off. every other lower tier -- that's how they're filling the federal court with all of these like anti-evolution anti-choice religious nut cases. >> stephanie: right. >> their top priority is fighting law while trying to impose exodus law. as if it's dissimilar in some way. >> stephanie: you can tell -- again like all of the -- out of desperation. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] romney robo call threatens obama of our religious freedom. it says that president obama forced christian organizations to offer insurance coverage that undermines -- is there anything true in any robo calls or ads?
8:48 am
we all know he gave religious institutions a religious exemption on the contraceptive. >> paul ryan was speaking to a group of evangelicals said the exact same thing. first of all this is coming from the guy -- coming from a mormon who those same evangelicals think are the member of a cult which is ironic enough. ryan who follows ayn rand and is pretending to not know she was an atheist and not just an atheist but thought anyone with a religious thought was mentally challenged. was retarded. her word. for believing that a deity could exist in the first place. he either -- what were his two reasons for not knowing? when she was handing -- when he was handing out her book. he's either stupid or lying there. is no other answer. you have to be willfully mentally deficient on purpose. >> stephanie: rob portman is trying this in ohio. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] let's see. multiple republican governors --
8:49 am
have crazy administrations response in the aftermath of the hurricane, rob portman on saturday said they might blame president obama for the government's relief efforts is. this grasping at straws. he emphasized the importance of fema and helping storm victims recover argue voters could turn against the president if victims don't receive federal aid they were promised. big government is bad. fema is bad of bad but they're going to blame obama because they're not getting their -- >> it is an entitlement. >> these are scroungers. >> the 47% of people who -- houses were destroyed are clearly going to turn on the president. i guess. >> stephanie: meanwhile romney -- closing fema. it may hurt the president because they aren't getting their free -- you know, fema stuff. okay. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] mediaite with a story about -- you know they have a little -- they're size queens a little bit. they're always saying republicans used to make funs of adoring prongs because the president is too popular.
8:50 am
you may have suspected all along this was merely an expression of jealousy. they proved it because they did a thing about kid rock. red rock amphitheatre. so he drew 10,000 people. you know what the obama campaign calls that? a slow day at the phone bank. by the way president obama drew a larger crowd the next day in denver without kid rock. >> by himself. >> stephanie: yes. it is this false story line. >> should have brought meatloaf. >> stephanie: this false story line. they're trying to go oh, no, no, no. >> isn't that the event where people were clamoring to get out? meatloaf is going to sing again. get me the hell out of here. >> stephanie: i don't think mittens sounds like he believes it. >> romney: if the president were to be re-elected he would -- continue to be black. -- it is possible, but not likely. >> possible.
8:51 am
>> he said it's possible. it's possible. that's why we have paul ryan campaigning in alabama because we go from possible to certain that the president will get re-elected if anybody talks to paul ryan for more than a half an hour. >> stephanie: grant in chicago. you're on with hal. hi grant. >> hey, how you guys doing? go ahead. >> caller: pretty much chopped all of my points on chris christie today. i think this is a little political -- on his behalf to make it look like he can just jump over the bipartisan line for 2016. rarely would many people talk like that. >> stephanie: bob in asheville, north carolina. >> no question. >> caller: i really love your show and your whole team. you guys are brilliant. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: my generation lost tens of thousands of soldiers in vietnam without the right to vote at 18 years old. drafted. and i don't want these people to take that right for granted.
8:52 am
please do not let them take that right or suppress that right. it is too important. i appreciate all do you. >> stephanie: thank you honey. >> great points. if you're not going to vote, go explain that to a veteran. if you go, you know, if you don't have the guts to get up and go the polls -- >> stephanie: don't let them suppress your vote. mike in arizona. hey, mike. >> caller: hi. i was just calling to let the nation know that the senate campaign in arizona there is some voter suppression tactics already going on. the republican jeff flake recently called thousands of registered democrats in the state and gave them the wrong polling locations. i want to get the word out there. nbc news local affiliate reported it and nothing really seems to be going on -- they don't seem to do anything about it. my first time calling. i want to thank you you all. i listen to you every day. >> stephanie: gotta
8:53 am
is where you can find out information. >> where to vote. >> vote.barack will tell you where your polling place is. there are so many options. here's the thing. for anybody you know who isn't on the internet or is elderly or they don't have that hookup. offer to look it up for them. call your grandmother. even if she doesn't have a smart phone, just go actually, grandma, i wanted to make sure you know your polling place is here. whatever way you think she's going to vote. to get people out. make sure they know where they're supposed to go because here's the other thing they may feel like they're going to turn away some of their own voters but they'll blockade others. >> stephanie: enough of us. don't listen to it. hal sparks commands you. go vote! we'll see you tomorrow on election day on "the stephanie miller show."
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